Anime Ensemble Stars! Ep. 8 - “The Star Of Hope Is Still Shining!”

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At the same time, Hokuto and Makoto reveal their complicated mind each other. They chose current situation because they don’t want to see the moment when Trickstar breaks down. However, it never brightens them up.
Though Mao is worried about Makoto, who is absent due to a shock, Hokuto says “We don’t have the right to worry about him” showing a deeply troubled look.

At the day of DDD, Subaru and Anzu meet Knights, the opponent of the first battle. Arashi Narukami (Ryo Kitamura) tries to evade an answer to the question asking where Makoto is: pointed out that “They are forcing Makoto to transfer to their group with dirty tricks” by Rei Sakuma, Arashi loses countenance. Knowing the unexpected fact, Subaru runs to find him.

“Makoto is still our buddy! I will definitely help him!”

Highlights of Ep. 8

Trickstar Members Encountered At “Venus Cup”

Hokuto, Subaru, Makoto and Mao attended Venus Cup as impromptu duos from each class of first year students. It was held at the same day of Dre-Fes in the episode of “Marionette.”

Hokuto and Subaru were lonely at this time: both of them were struggling to become an idol overcoming their parents' coattails. Makoto wanted to change himself. Mao worked only behind the scenes. At this day, four of them learned joyfulness of the stage with buddies for the first time.

“We are not alone.” They established an emotional bond with each other, which made them to form Trickstar. This group name comes from “trickster” in this day’s conversation (Hokuto pronounced very well!).

They found brightness of idols, buddies that can support each other, where they should belong and the stage they can feel joy on. This is the story of their encounter that lets you know how precious Trickster is for them.
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