Anime Ensemble Stars! Ep. 8 - “The Star Of Hope Is Still Shining!”

Subaru’s Father and Hokuto’s Father

In this episode, you can figure out that Subaru’s father was also a great idol. Subaru entered Yumenosaki Private Academy to touch his favorite father’s glory. “Dad is always in the precious part of my mind.” Subaru has hoped to be a brilliant idol based on the memory of his father.

In contrast, Hokuto’s father is an active top idol. He disliked his parents as he didn’t want to be called by his name previously. It is painful that he couldn’t dispute Eichi’s trick as he is wondering if he might just escape from his parents.

The Denizen of The Fountain

Sitting down by the fountain, Subaru tries to see through a clouded marble raising it up to the sun. At this time, he encounters a mysterious third year student Kanata Shinkai (Kotaro Nishiyama) who breaks the quiet air.

Kanata is swimming in the fountain with his school uniform asking “Do you like to bathe with me?” This question is so inexplicable that even the energetic boy Subaru answers “No thanks.”

After that, singing jauntily “Let’s wash away a stain,” Kanata cleans up Subaru’s marble. Subaru’s face lights up seeing the marble clean as before.
Kanata is so mysterious, but he lets Subaru’s clouded heart take the brightness back.
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