Anime Ensemble Stars! Ep. 8 - “The Star Of Hope Is Still Shining!”

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“I Can Never Belong To Any Group Other Than Trickstar!”

Subaru clearly tells to Chiaki that “I can never belong to any group other than Trickstar!” He adds that he would make Trickstar brilliant as much as possible if the other three members left Trickstar because they feel that other groups are more fascinating. If Eichi hears his words, he would be stunned with his eyes wide open: Eichi’s trick is never effective for Subaru.

Subaru was purely impressed by fine’s formidable performance. Neither tactics nor politics work against him. I will make Trickstar that my buddies want to come back - this innocent belief for idols is Subaru’s true strength and brightness.

Trickstar is precious for Hokuto and Mao: Subaru is determined that he never let them lose their precious Trickstar. Unexpectedly, it seems like a response to Hokuto’s request “I hope you not to lose a ray of hope.”

The Five (Four?) of Us Are Ryuseitai!

To offer Subaru the cooperation, Chiaki calls his group Ryuseitai: Ryusei Black is Tetora Nagumo (Yoshiki Nakajima). Ryusei Yellow is Shinobu Sengoku. Ryusei Green is Midori Takamine (Takumi Watanabe).

After Chiaki introduces himself as Ryusei Red, they make a signature pose shouting “The five of us are Ryuseitai!” even though we can see only four members. Another member Ryusei Blue is Kanata who is floating in the fountain. They can’t gather round, and a member tries to go home in the middle of introduction… what a free-spirited group Ryuseitai is!
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