Anime Ensemble Stars! Ep. 8 - “The Star Of Hope Is Still Shining!”

Anzu Turns To Be “Mysterious Idol X”!

Anzu makes up her mind to be a temporary member of Trickstar in order to meet a condition as a participant for DDD. Trickstar’s costume looks great on her! Fans were excited and posted “Anzu-chan, sooo cute!” on social media.

Nevertheless, why does Subaru make her to wear a face mask like a wrestler!? To keep her identity secret, our Anzu-chan has been reborn as Mysterious Idol X… She always treads a thorny path.

The Tournament Favorite of DDD, Knights

Trickstar's opponent is Knights, the group of the tournament favorite of DDD, which Izumi Sena (Masami Ito), Arashi Narukami, Tsukasa Suou (Reio Tsuchida) and Ritsu Sakuma (Daiki Yamashita) belong to. According to Rei, Knights has a long history and each member has a great talent, but its leader is not present currently.

When Subaru meets them, Izumi is not present: Ritsu is so laid-back to say “I want to take a break too.” When Rei questions Arashi about Makoto’s absence, you can figure out that Ritsu has no idea and Arashi doesn’t want Tsukasa to hear this topic.

Knight’s members don’t grasp their situation each other. They might be individualist: at the same time, they lack a sense of unity as a group probably because they have no leader.
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