Anime Ensemble Stars! Ep. 8 - “The Star Of Hope Is Still Shining!”

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The Whole Of My Body Is Your Brother!

Rei Sakuma is a guide for Trickstar and one of Three Eccentrics with a great talent. It is shocking that he suddenly shouts “Here’s your brother!” and springs on Ritsu. Come to think that they are brothers, their eyes and listless expression look like each other.

On the other hand, Ritsu seems not want to care about Rei: he completely ignores saying “Who?” “So annoying. Can I call the police?” Rei isn’t become discouraged and finally wriggles shouting “The whole of my body is your brother!” Nevertheless, Ritsu gives the cold shoulder to him. Don’t give up, Rei!

“Go Farther than Anyone!”

Knowing that Izumi hides Makoto, Subaru starts running without thinking. Rei holds him up to ask “You wanna go even if it’s too late?” Subaru passionately answers “I never give up!”

“This is my turn to help everyone”: from Subaru’s words, you can feel his passion to not only Makoto but also Hokuto and Mao. They are the buddies who helped Subaru when he was lonely and experienced the miracle stage together. Trickstar is their home - Subaru understands this fact better than anyone else.

Trickstar’s “Rebellion Star” starts playing in this scene, which should make you tear. “Go farther than anyone! Beyond the scene with full of hope” - Subaru himself is the star of hope for Trickstar. As long as he doesn’t give up, Trickstar can come back.
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