Anime Ensemble Stars! Ep. 12 - The End Of Revolution: Heart-heating Story

Hokuto apologies for his late decision and declares powerfully “I am a member of Trickstar,” which made Subaru, Makoto and Mao welcome him delightfully.

Seeing their conversation, Eichi tears the contract with Hokuto’s signature to join fine and throw it away.

At the final, members of Trickstar and those of fine battle one-on-one! After that, Trickstar sings HEART→BEATER!!!! and falls down on the stage giving their all. Finally, the poll shows fine’s victory.

Trickstar gets disappointed: however, as it is a razor thin majority, they get a chance of the extra inning because of DDD’s rule.

Highlights of Ep. 10

UNDEAD vs fine!

You see the battle between UNDEAD that symbolizes a monster of a moonless night and fine that plays the melody of heaven. It makes your heart pounding that they show provocation each other before the show starts. Also, you should be excited to see both live shows little by little!

As Eichi approaches the limit of his physical ability, the members who keep supporting him such as Tori Himemiya (Ayumu Murase) and Yuzuru Fushimi (Kotaro Hashimoto) also have worked too hard: this is because Eichi could affirm that “They never overthrow me.” In contrast, the position of Wataru Hibiki (Takuya Eguchi) who watches over Eichi’s tragic decision nearby him is interesting.

As Eichi points out “You interfered in Hokuto,” Wataru confesses “I wanted to put on airs as the president of the drama club as Chiaki-kun did for his juniors of Ryuseitai” and replies unapologetically  “I believe it is the story you desired, isn’t it?”
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