Anime Ensemble Stars! Ep. 12 - The End Of Revolution: Heart-heating Story

The episodes of “Element” let you know that Eichi was the previous revolutionary, Wataru was the most important character of the story that Eichi made, and Wataru accepted it and acted as written in the script.

It should be meaningful that, as an ex- Five Eccentrics currently belongs to fine, Wataru did a thing out of Eichi’s expectation and indicates that it is what Eichi desired.

After losing at the semi-final, Eichi sarcastically says “I’m jealous that you guys always look so fun” seeing UNDEAD members: Kaoru Hakaze (Kei Hosogai) throws his hat to the audience saying “It’s not for Sakuma-san” and gets showered with a grand cheers from girls; Koga Ogami is noisy because he couldn’t put forth all energy; Adonis Otogari (Wataru Hatano) grabs Koga by the neck and tries to leave the stage.

Subaru never misses to catch Eichi’s word and questions “Don’t you feel always fun?” Although Eichi prevaricates, it should be an important question to consider ideal idols for both Subaru and Eichi.

A Letter From Hokuto’s Grandmother

Hokuto has appeared with the uniform of Trickstar: he is encouraged by his grandmother’s letter that Wataru gave him.
“You never have to be under someone’s thumb. You should do what you want to.” As he realizes that his favorite grandmother is on his side, he can make a decision to battle as a member of Trickstar breaking the curse from his parents.

Listening to Hokuto’s confession, Subaru punches him saying “You’re late!”, which makes Hokuto show his negative thought. Makoto and Mao are panicked, but to see that they are horsing around is so joyful and makes us say “Welcome back, Hockey!”

Also, it is impressive that, seeing Trickstar, Eichi tears the contract that Hokuto gave his signature.

Previously, due to the contract, Eichi broke off his relationship with the friend who could be with him forever. Now, he disposes the contract by his authority as the president of the school council and lets Hokuto free. Eichi might finally understand that no contract can’t control people’s thought and friendship.

One-On-One Battles are Enigmatic

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