Anime Ensemble Stars! Ep. 12 - The End Of Revolution: Heart-heating Story

Different from the previous DDD shows, there are one-on-one battles at the final: the four battles seem enigmatic.

Mao and Wataru contest in performance. While Mao shows a break dance, Wataru carries a lot of instrumentals like a street performer.
Next, the battle between Hokuto and Yuzuru can be called as “a contest of honesty.” It is surprising that Yuzuru evaluated Hokuto’s decision as “Your master is yourself.”

The third battle is skirmish between Makoto and Tori.

This is absolutely a contest of cuteness. In the audience, you can find Izumi (Masami Ito) is uneasily watching over Makoto. Lastly, Eichi battles Subaru. Fluttering stars decorates around two boys: Eichi stands in the path of Subaru’s revolution and Subaru expresses determination for his own revolution.

Though these battles have comedy-like elements, Subaru’s smile lets you understand that both fine and Trickstar can do nothing but to enjoy performing with their full strength.

The Live Show is HEART→BEATER!!!! by Trickstar

Trickstar’s HEART→BEATER!!!! is played in the live show of the final. The performance that luminescent costumes emerge on the dark stage is breathtaking! You can see posts on social media like “Trickstar’s uniforms are illuminating!” “Did Anzu make these? Awesome…”

Running around freely on the stage, Trickstar members expresse their joy to performance with precious friends. The fantastic lyric recalls your memory of the previous stories - what an impressive live show it is!
Fans were filled with emotion and said “Thank you” “Amazing” “It’s the perfect last episode (they have the next season though).”

Subaru’s Question, Eichi’s Answer

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