Anime Ensemble Stars! Ep. 12 - The End Of Revolution: Heart-heating Story

Eichi acknowledges Trickstar’s brilliant performance. After the live show, Subaru asks Eichi “Why did you decide to hold DDD?” Unless DDD is held, fine could be the representative for SS without any difficulty.

Eichi smiles silently and says that he wanted to witness the brightness of Trickstar that can overturn fate and make a miracle.
“If there is a miracle in this world, I could love my own fate.” Eichi has cursed his physical weakness and fate.

“No one can be an idol only with love, but no one can be an idol without love.”
“I just wanted to be an idol.”

Responding to Eichi, Subaru shows his understanding “I want to be an idol in the true meaning.” Also he adds, “Everyone in the idol department of Yumenosaki Private Academy has the same dream - you are the same as us!”
Subaru’s smile is so bright as he can affirm that Eichi is the same as other students, even though he is the lonely emperor that has trampled on many students. Subaru accepts Eichi not based on what he did beforehand but based on only his dream to be an idol.

At the time of the encore, Subaru stops fine leaving the stage and asks Eichi to let him learn various things.

Eichi praises that it is Trickstar’s strength to ask for instruction from anyone and help even their enemy. He says to Subaru “I will be strong like you. Let’s battle burning out our souls again and again.”

Subaru nods delightfully and shakes hands with Eichi. “I am happy to see you” - this is the moment that boys who share the same dream to be idols can be friends, not enemies to beat each other.

The End of The Season of Revolution

Subaru suggests singing the encore of the winning group with all groups.

All groups that fought fierce battles get together on the stage to sing “ONLY YOUR STARS.” Eichi is gazing the idols from the wing with a pleased face. At that time, someone speaks to him from behind “Don’t you sing, Eichi-kun?”

The person is Tsumugi Aoba (Kaito Ishikawa). Invited by cheerful singing voices and smiling shyly in the costume with Natsume and Sora, Tsumugi kindly appreciates for Eichi’s performance. Tsumugi pushes Eichi’s back to go to on the stage: Eichi shows a wry smile saying “You’re too kind to me.”

This scene tells that not only Trickstar’s revolution but also Eichi’s one have ended. After the season of the revolution, the new generation of Yumenosaki Private Academy will finally start.
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