Anime Ensemble Stars! Ep. 12 - The End Of Revolution: Heart-heating Story

Ep. 13 is “The Reviewing Special”

We are looking forward to the coming episodes to see the students who haven’t appeared yet and those of other schools including ex-members of fine!

Ep. 13 is “The Reviewing Special.” Let’s enjoy reviewing the stories, your favorite characters or groups.

Information of the Animation Ensemble Stars!

Yumenosaki Private Academy is a school that specializes in raising male pop idols. Four members of a band Trickstar: Hokuto Hidaka, Subaru Akehoshi, Makoto Yuki and Mao Isara, are working on daily lessons to become leading idols.
However, Dre-Fes (Dream Idol Festival), the school live event in which idols compete against each other, has been dominated by the influence of the school’s strict traditions. Trickstar challenges the school council for a reform.

★Air Time *Japan time zone
TOKYO MX: July 7th (Sun) 10:30PM-
Sun Television: July 7th (Sun) 12:30AM-
KBS Kyoto: July 7th (Sun) 11:30PM-
Aichi Television Broadcasting: July 7th (Sun) 2:05AM-
BS11: July 9th (Tue) 12:00AM-

*There might be a change in schedule.
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