Anime Ensemble Stars! Ep. 5 - The Past of The Corrupt School: Fans Points Out On Social Media

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Valkyrie’s Live Show Scene “Sei Shonen Yugi”

This episode’s live show is “Sei Shonen Yugi” by Valkyrie. It is the first time for Valkyrie to show their dance performance with the song because they have not appeared in 3D characters live show “DREAM LIVE” yet. You may remember that it became a popular topic on social media that the band ALI PROJECT provided its song.

Their performance that suddenly started without smile to the audience is totally different from that of the other groups that you saw in previous episodes. Three members danced on the stage perfectly - it is Valkyrie’s stage and Shu’s ideal art. You can be a witness of his aesthetic.

Arashi and Mika’s “Girls’ Party”!?

As Arashi Narukami (Ryo Kitamura) and Mika called each other as “Naru-chan” “Mika-chan,” they seem to be good friends. Different from Ep. 4, Arashi worn glasses and his hairstyle looked to imitate Kunugi-sensei (Wataru Komada).

Their conversation about each group at the garden terrace seems like “Girl’s Party”: however, what they talked about was so threatening. You can feel the school’s savage atmosphere from Arashi’s comment “(the group that he’s invited is) punishing villains one by one.”

Mika’s Feeling to Valkyrie

Mika extremely respected Oshi-san whom he lived with and Shu’s perfect marionette “Nazuna-anii (Big Bro).” Through his triumphant talking way, you can find out how big Valkyrie was for him.

“I am a boat anker,” Mika discredited himself. You can see his sweat by the pressure in the scene of their live show. Valkyrie should be literally “everything” for Mika. His dedicated feeling seems painful and beautiful.

Kuro Kiryu is Shu’s Old Friend!

Kuro Kiryu (Shinichiro Kamio) found that Nazuna was practicing singing alone on the rooftop. He had a different hairstyle from now, which looks cool! You find out that he hanged up the call from Keito unfriendly.

Kuro threatened Nazuna and made him cry in spite of himself because Nazuna said nothing even though he spoke to. Through what Kuro said, you can learn that he is Shu’s old friend and his mother taught both him and Shu sewing. It is exciting that hints like characters’ tricks and backgrounds are gradually getting connected.

However, Kuro was suspicious that Nazuna had kept silent to end while he left a message with Shu “Be careful because there’s something fishy.” Kuro gradually realized that what’s going on in the school and in Valkyrie.

Nazuna’s Feeling to Valkyrie

Nazuna kept silent not to make people notice that his voice is different from that the audience listen in Valkyrie’s show. Especially, he showed cautiousness to Kuro because he listened to his singing.

Nazuna couldn’t sing as he had done anymore due to change of voice. At the same time, his recorded singing voice was played on the stage. To conceal this fact, Nazuna could never let anyone listen to his “current” voice. He never uttered his voice even in front of Shu and Mika because he was strongly determined.

Unless Nazuna can sing, however, Valkyrie can’t release new songs. Nazuna secretly tried to practice singing on the rooftop. He was making efforts to change himself as he believed that Valkyrie could proceed to the next stage and Mika could expand his opportunity if Nazuna’s new voice is accepted by Shu. You know that Nazuna also loved Valkyrie.
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