Anime Ensemble Stars! Ep. 4 - Fans’ Moanings “What an Atmosphere of Last Boss”

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Anime Ensemble Stars! Ep. 4 - Fans’ Moanings “What an Atmosphere of Last Boss”
The anime Ensemble Stars! started airing in July. In Ep. 4, a hopeful new face Trickstar shows up on the stage. Let’s review the story of Ep. 4 in this article!
The idol-raising game app Ensemble Stars! launched its long-awaited anime.

Yumenosaki Private Academy, a school that specializes in raising male pop idols, is dominated by its school council. Four students Hokuto Hidaka, Subaru Akehoshi, Makoto Yuki and Mao Isara have been determined to cause a school revolution. This anime starts with the story when they encounter the transfer student Anzu, who is only female student of the producing department.

Rising to Rei Sakuma’s provocation, Akatsuki competes with UNDEAD in Ep. 4 on the battle of the bands system. In the middle of their performance, Keito Hasumi notices Rei’s intention. And finally, a hopeful new group Trickstar stands on the stage!

We look back at the highlights of Ep. 4.
*This content includes spoilers. Please be careful if you have not watched it.

Summary of Ep. 4 “Flowering”

One year ago, just after entering the school, Hokuto Hidaka (played by Tomoaki Maeno), Subaru Akehoshi (Tetsuya Kakihara), Makoto Yuki (Shotaro Morikubo) and Mao Isara (Yuki Kaji) coincidentally encountered under the cherry tree.

Subaru said that there is a legend if you bury something precious under the tree, your wish comes true: objecting his opinion, Hokuto says “You should make your wish come true by your own effort.” Cherry blossoms on the branch was flowering as if it reflected three members’ minds that were moved by Hokuto’s words.

Now, as Trickstar members who share the same fate, they’re wearing the costume that Anzu (Maaya Sakamoto) prepared for them. Anzu has learned how to make costumes from Kuro Kiryu (Shinichiro Kamio). When Hajime Shino (Tomoya Kosaka) comes to support them, four members form a circle to psych themselves up for revolution.

On the stage of S1, Akatsuki is performing. It is too late when Keito Hasumi (Yuichiro Umehara) notices  that it is Rei Sakuma’s (Toshiki Masuda) tactics that pinpoint the blind spot of evaluation system of S1: he gets kicked out from the stage by 2wink Hinata and Yuta Aoi (Soma Saito).
Finally, Trickstar shows up on the stage!

Kuro says “Don’t let down the girl” to Subaru while passing each other. Subaru recognizes first year members of Ra*bits and Anzu in the audience from on the stage. Nazuna Nito, the leader of Ra*bits and the president of the broadcasting committee in charge of all of press stuff is standing in the backstage.

Watched by supporting members, Trickstar show their performance with their full strength. As a result, Trickstar wins Akatsuki with the total votes from the audience and general students. Greeted with cheers, four members feel deeply moved.

Looking up at the starry sky under the cherry tree in full bloom, Hokuto, Subaru, Makoto and Anzu share their joy that they never expected one year ago. With a hope that Yumenosaki Private Academy will change soon, they promise to walk together from now on. At the time, there is someone approaching them...

Highlights of Ep. 4

Four members of Trickstar before becoming idols one years ago

Four members of Trickstar encountered fatefully just after entering the school. They look young and their hairstyle was different: Makoto and Mao had shorter hair and Hokuto had plait hair on the left side of his face.

Hokuto had a serious look and refuted Subaru’s talking about the legend with the justice. He might have thought hard about the status of the school since this time.

Dignity of main characters: Trickstar’s live show

Trickstar appears on the stage with 2wink’s calling “Up-and-coming idol group veiled in mystery!” “Highly-anticipated revolutionary kids of Yumenosaki Private Academy!”

As the revolution song “Rebellion Star” starts, four members jump about freely on the stage. The performance switching between 3D and 2D is so effective that you never miss the best shots of each character - I can’t say anything but wonderful!

Their live scene shows their confidence established by lessons and joy that they can sing and dance on the stage, which is vigorous to move your heart.

The group color is typically fixed only one color such as Akatsuki’s red or UNDEAD’s purple: on the other hand, various colors are shining on the stage of Trickstar, which seems to symbolize their individuality.
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