Anime Ensemble Stars! Ep. 2 - Shedding Tears For Pressure: A Super Intense Idol-Raising School

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Makoto pairs with Koga to retrain his weak body and mind. He challenges him to bungee jump from the rooftop as a special training.

Koga never goes easy on Makoto: he calls Makoto as “Megane Moyashi-- bean sprouts wearing glasses” (That sounds mean!) and kicks him down from the rooftop.

At the same time, Hokuto does a comic dialogue by himself with a false mustache and a bow tie. Even though he understands that the purpose is to make himself relaxed and flexible, he resists against Hinata and Yuta due to his shyness. However, he is no match for the twins that just shut him up saying “Don’t talk back!”

Both don’t seem like trainings for idols, but there should be a significant meaning behind it  because these are Rei’s suggestion. We are looking forward to how the band club will influence Trickstar!

Overwhelming Live Show by Akatsuki

In the scene of the live show, you can see the performance “Hyakkaryoran, Akatsukiyo” by Akatsuki for the first time. Under the shining red moon as the name of the group means, three members confidently show their performance with dancing butterflies and Japanese classic umbrellas.

After the golden temple was cut into two, three members dance on the lotus pedestal against the background of a burning flame: it is a strong performance to show the power of Akatsuki. Also, it shows the fact that the school council reigns Yumenosaki Private Academy and Kuro’s integrity: he said, “I’ll do my duty” when he was told “Don’t cut corners.”

Regarding the visual, they use 3DCG to express smoothness and intensity, while they draw in detail when zooming in on a character’s face. It is attractive for fans that their choreography is same as what they performed on Ensemble Stars! Dream Live. It is very  promising for future concerts!

Ra*bits’ Brave Performance Makes You Tear Up

One of the rules of Dre-Fes is that groups start their performance from the higher rank in order. Currently, in fact, in order to raise their grades, students have to evaluate only higher groups’ live shows. When Ra*bits starts its performance, there are only two guests in the audience, Subaru and Anzu. Their stage setting is not as gorgeous as that of Akatsuki.

Nevertheless, Ra*bits sings and dances JoyfulxBox* with perfect smiles. You will cry seeing their cheerful performance that remind you of Hajime’s smile when he tells that they would join Dre-Fes.

This live show lets you know the reason why Hokuto and other members try to cause a revolution.

The Title of Ep. 3 is “Carrying Out”

In the Ep. 2, you find out the school is unsettled --with torn posters on a bulletin board and garbage strewn in the school grounds. Also, you can learn that the school council applies pressure on the evaluation system to maintain order of the school.

The title “Roaring” is referencing Subaru’s voice in that he wants to destroy the current system in the school.

In the room of the school council, you can see members as follows: Keito Hasumi (Yuichiro Umehara), who told to Kuro Kiryu (Shinichiro Kamio) “Don’t cut corners even against bunnies”; Tori Himemiya (Ayumu Murase), who fills his mouth with snacks; Yuzuru Fushimi (Kotaro Hashimoto), whom Tori calls as “a slave”; and Mao Isara (Yuki Kaji), one of the members of Trickstar.

Keito talks to Mao saying that “You’re late. Your work is piling up.” You know that Mao is one of the members of the school council.

The revolution has started. Look forward to seeing how Anzu will get involved in Trickstar members’ ambitions!

Profiles of Characters in Ep. 2

■Natsume Sakasaki
Natsume Sakasaki impressively appears in this episode drawing a magic circle on the road. As he says “(Anzu is) a transfer student who came to our class,” he seems like one of the students of 2-A and the same as Hokuto and other members. You’ll be attracted by his mischievous face that he shows after Anzu and other members move away.

■Yuzuru Fushimi
Yuzuru Fushimi calls Tori as “Bocchama [Young master].”  He has a lot of nerve as he attends on Tori keeping a straight face holding a tea set while Keito and Kuro face each other aggressively. Because he can give Tori a lecture on his eating snacks at work, he doesn’t seem to be just “a slave” as Tori calls him.

■Hajime Shino (Ra*bits)
Hajime Shino is one of the members of Ra*bits and a first year student who has a cute voice and a gentle smile. Due to poverty, he earns money for group activities through a part-time job at the school. He and Subaru are friends because they work together. Subaru calls him “Shinonon.”

■Hinata Aoi (2wink)
Hinata Aoi is a first year student of the band club. He forms the group 2wink with his twin brother, Yuta. He has the agility to move like both of Rei’s hands and feet and lightness to be at ease even before older students. He helps Hokuto’s special training to improve flexibility.

■Yuta Aoi (2wink)
Yuta Aoi is a first year student of the band club. He helps Hokuto’s special training with Hinata. As Rei says “There are two Aois” when he wakes up, Yuta’s appearance, voice and behavior look exactly the same with those of Hinata.
■Rei Sakuma (UNDEAD)
Rei Sakuma is an influential person and one of “Three Eccentrics” whom even the school council can’t control. He belongs to the band club and the group “UNDEAD.” He speaks like an old guy, but he has incredible skill and talent. As Hokuto asks Rei to help their revolution, Rei acknowledges their determination and gives advice to lead them.

■Tomoya Mashiro (Ra*bits)
Tomoya Mashiro and Hajime have been friends since they were junior high school students. Tomoya always takes care of Hajime as he calls for preparation before their stage and appreciates Hajime for making money for their group.

■Mitsuru Tenma (Ra*bits)
Mitsuru Tenma is a student of 1-B and a simple and innocent character. He says “I am Hajime-chan’s best friend and the superstar Ra*bits is proud of.” Hajime works to earn money for their costumes because Mitsuru ordered them without asking other members.

■Nazuna Nito (Ra*bits)
Nazuna Nito is the leader of Ra*bits and only one third year student. Subaru calls him a “little kid” and says “he’s cute.” He can’t speak smoothly when panicked or excited: actually, he stutters in almost all scenes that he appears in. He might not like it when someone says he’s cute.

Next time, we will introduce some characters such as one of the members of Akatsuki, who is called “Kanzaki” (Keisuke Kaminaga) and the student that stands by the fountain. You’re gonna love it!
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