Anime Ensemble Stars! Ep. 10 - The Story of the Previous Revolution

As Tsumugi suggested increasing the members, Eichi decided to make “Five Eccentrics” and requested recommendation for two other members in anticipation of Tsumugi’s connections.

Tsumugi recommended Shu Itsuki, who was already popular as Valkyrie’s member. On the different day, he introduced Natsume, his old friend whom he met again by chance when he worked for the library. Eichi adopted his idea without hesitation and asked to choose members for his own idol group.

Soon afterwards, Five Eccentrics had stolen the show in the school.
Students lionized them as top idols that represent the school: on the other hand, they were gradually frustrated that Five Eccentrics had deprived their areas of activity. While Tsumugi was worried about such a situation, Eichi smiled and said “This is just a prologue.”

In front of Tsumugi confused, Eichi proclaimed that his group would defeat Five Eccentrics. Eichi gave Tsumugi the contract to join his group with Nagisa Ran and Hiyori Tomoe that Tsumugi recommended: Eichi said that Tsumugi is necessary for his group as a mediator.

“Make a revolution with me. This group fine is going to give demise of the old generation.”

Highlights of Ep. 10

From What Kind of Standpoints Do Sora, Natsume and Tsumugi See Trickstar?

Watching Wataru from the rooftop, Sora is excited innocently and Natume affirms that Wataru uses a magic. They are not surprised at Wataru’s flashy airship (balloon?) and eccentric behavior. Tsumugi just smiles and says “He’s showy as usual.”

At this day, DDD is held in the school and most students have ariot. While many groups give hands to Trickstar, these three boys don’t seem to care about such a school’s situation. It excites curiosity how they see Trickstar’s revolution.
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