Anime Ensemble Stars! Ep. 10 - The Story of the Previous Revolution

The Relationship Between Eichi and Keito

Eichi and Keito are childhood friends: however, Eichi said “I don’t have even his contact information. Just my family for generations has held funerals at his temple.” Additionally, he called him as “Hasumi-kun” instead of “Keito” in front of Tsumugi. Because Keito put on a badge on his uniform, you know that he has already belonged to the school council since this time.

In contrast, Eichi was not a president or even a member of the school council at this time. Considering that Keito currently works as Eichi’s deputy, there should be some reasons that only Keito belonged to the school council and Eichi tried to keep a distance from him.

Keito insisted that they should take time and proceed the revolution after gaining support from students. Eichi claimed that they should lit a fire in students’ desire for the revolution at once. Although they had different opinions, they seemed to share the idea of “Three Eccentrics.”

Rei Sakuma was Different From Whom You Know!

Rei spoke to Tsumugi when he and Eichi was heading to the library, but he looks so different from whom you know. His way of speaking and attitude are like a completely different person. He looks swagger and so cool!

Wait, wait. He is certainly cool, but is he the same person with who shouted “The whole of my body is your brother”!? In addition, he seemed to play on a global stage like just coming back from the sister school in New York and going to Shanghai the next day. Also, you can see the badge of the school council on his uniform!

Even though Tsumugi talked with Rei friendly, considering that he says “Humbled,” Rei has been unusual since this time. It’s mysterious that he was so different from the current days.
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