Anime Ensemble Stars! Ep. 10 - The Story of the Previous Revolution

“Three Eccentric” is “Three Gods”

“Three Eccentrics” was not born spontaneously but Eichi and Keito created on purpose to set up Wataru as Amaterasu, Kanata Shinkai as Susanoo, Rei as Tsukuyomi.

You also learn that Eichi added Shu and Natsume as “Five Eccentrics” to create imperfection because Eichi was worried that Wataru, Kanata and Rei were too good to make Three Eccentrics true.

As a result, Shu’s defeat accelerated fine’s rise and Three Eccentrics has been
alive and well even currently. This fact lets you understand that Eichi’s suspense was right.

What is “Eichi-kun Gauge”?

Eichi worn a device named as “Eichi-kun Gauge” as he had just left hospital.
The number on this device goes down as he acts: when it reaches to zero, the family gets notification to pick him up. It seems a cutting-edge technology, but it’s funny that Eichi called it as “Eichi-kun Gauge.” Fans pointed out “Don’t say it yourself” “Gradually making me laugh” on social media.

However, Eichi regarded such a careful protection as “Just to prevent their heir from an emergency” “This is not because they love me,” which sounds painful that he looked at himself with an objective eye and cursed his physical weakness.

He rushes the revolution and takes drastic measures because his weakness makes him impatient and it is so important for him to show the results to his family.
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