Anime Ensemble Stars! Ep. 10 - The Story of the Previous Revolution

Eichi Admired Wataru

Eichi looked enviously at Wataru practicing to play a drama on the rooftop. Eichi held admiration for Wataru. For Eichi, Wataru was the one of means and the target of subjugation as one of Five Eccentrics. At the same time, he would be able to be equal Wataru in the school as leading students if he defeats them.

“I am coming to see you by whatever means.” Wataru was out of Eichi’s reach at this time. Eichi was eager to close to Wataru, which makes us suspect that the revolution is the “means” to approach Wataru for Eichi.

The Gifted “Pretty Girl” Natsume

Natsume really just looked like a cute girl when he worn a female clothes in his childhood in Natsume’s memory, which made a fuss on the social media.

Fans were so panicked that “Natsume-chan” became a word of Trend on Twitter. It is convincing that Natsume has a dark past that he was popular as “a gifted pretty girl” who suddenly appeared.

In contrast, Natsume says that Tsumugi was detestable at the time and his impression has dramatically changed since then.
Tsumugi talked lightly with a smile that he had a trouble with his family and wants to be friend with Natsume. Natsume tried to keep distance from him, but Tsumugi couldn’t accept his feeling.
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