Anime Ensemble Stars! Ep. 10 - The Story of the Previous Revolution

“I know that!” (He Never!)

In the episode of “Marionette,” Hokuto in his first year performanced in the play reading in a monotonous voice. You can see the older story in this episode, when he joined the drama club.

“You look gallant like a prince, but honestly, you have no talent as an actor at all.” Although Wataru shut the door in his face, Hokuto responded that “I know that! You are testing me saying harsh!” Wataru was shocked by Hokuto’s unexpected answer and said “No, I said just my true feeling.”

In those days, Wataru threw up his hands for Hokuto’s airhead.

Tsumugi and Eichi

Eichi was planning that his own group defeats Five Eccentrics that he put up as the top idols in the school. He would lead to a fundamental change of the school system to prove that even people without outstanding talent can be in the spotlight. Knowing Eichi’s dream, Tsumugi accepted to join fine.

Rei and Natsume were Tsumugi’s friends: nevertheless, why did he decide to take Eichi’s side?

It is clear that Eichi just took advantage of Tsumugi. In fact, Eichi mentioned Tsumugi’s connections as “worth to use,” which Tsumugi heard directly. In spite of that, Tsumugi didn’t seem to feel hurt at all.

Whenever Eichi requested something, Tsumugi responded “If you’re okay with me”: whenever Eichi said thank you, Tsumugi smiled delightfully. Tsumugi sincerely felt happy that Eichi needed him and supported him obediently. Rei said “Don’t work for only other people. You can do whatever if you try,” because he knew such Tsumugi’s personality.

Tsumugi joined fine not because he was taken in by Eichi’s glib talk and tricks: he might want to support and help his friend who needed him with making the dream come true.
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