Anime Ensemble Stars! Ep. 10 - The Story of the Previous Revolution

The Title of Ep. 11 is “Element - Sequel”

As Tsumugi joined, fine got four members. You know that they defeated Shu, one of “Five Eccentrics” in the episode of “Marionette.” Also, as you know, the school council whose president is Eichi currently has absolute power. It should mean that Eichi’s revolution has been accomplished.

Nevertheless, why all members of fine were changed from then? At the beginning of this episode, Tsumugi says “I’m wondering if Eichi-kun is doing well”: does it mean he has no relationship with Eichi anymore? Natsume was one of Five Eccentrics. Tsumugi belonged to fine. Wataru is one of Three Eccentrics. Why are they with Eichi?…?

In Ep. 11, fine finally moves forward for their goal!

Profiles of Characters in Ep. 10

Tsumugi Aoba
Tsumugi Aoba is a third year student and the ex-member of fine. Tsumugi encountered Natsume who attended at the dance school that Tsumugi’s mother managed. Natsume says Tsumugi was detestable when he was small, but changed through his mother’s bankruptcy and her divorce and remarriage. He can never say “no” at somebody’s request, which makes his wide range of contacts. Rei, the person who always flied all around the world, asked Tsumugi to let him know what’s going on in school.

Sora Harukawa
Sora Harukawa is probably a first year student who calls Natsume as “Shisho (Teacher).” He kept calm seeing Wataru’s airship and innocently asked Natsume “Is that a magic?” We don’t know about him yet except for the above.
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