Anime Ensemble Stars! Ep. 9 - “Soooo Cute!” Lots Of Rabi-Oji Are Full Of Emotion On Social Media

There are their opponent Knights, Anzu with face mask (Maaya Sakamoto), and Mao wearing Trickstar’s costume on the stage. Knowing that Izumi put Makoto in confinement, Mao discloses the fact to the audience before starting their stage. Trickstar wins the first stage enlisting the audience as supporters.

On the other hand, Eichi Tenshoin (Hikaru Midorikawa) pursues Hokuto Hidaka (Tomoaki Maeno) when he can’t decide what to do. To interrupt Eichi, Ryuseitai appears in front of them. Although Eichi was not supposed to join DDD because of his physical weakness, Ryuseitai’s appearance forces him to battle with his full strength.

During the break, Subaru, Makoto and Mao are moved to know that various groups attacks fine with the courage of despair for the reason of “Ryuseitai’s guidance” or “Rei Sakuma’s instruction.” As they know that their opponent of the semifinal is Ra*bits, they are impressed by its growth and effort and declear to fight the fair battle. Trickstar’s three members stand on the stage with all of their energy.

At the very back of the audience, Hokuto is watching Trickstar performancing with an empty space for him…

Highlights of Ep. 9

The Bond of Akatsuki

To Keito saying he prioritizes the school committee work because “I’m being selfish,” Kuro and Souma tell “I can do the dirty work with you.” “We are in the same boat.” These words simply let you know how they trust Keito’s faith. You also can see it makes Keito smile softly.

Kuro’s personality was depicted in several episodes. Souma’s words always show his purity. On the other hand, Keito has shown mainly his strictness not only to others but also himself. Because of that, his smile seems so meaningful.

Furthermore, it is impressive that Keito boosts Mao understanding that he regrets Trickster: Keito projects himself in the past into Mao. From Keito’s word “I was always regretting,” you can understand he doesn’t want Mao to experience such a feeling.
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