Anime Ensemble Stars! Ep. 9 - “Soooo Cute!” Lots Of Rabi-Oji Are Full Of Emotion On Social Media

Makoto’s Determination, Izumi’s Real Intention

What a threatening the takosan-wiener (the sausage cut in the shape of an octopus), it is a shocking scene of confinement. Izumi tries to make Makoto open his mouth, which seems creepy. What on earth is his real intention?

Guessing from his word “Let’s work as models together,” Izumi wants Makoto not to become a member of Knights, but to become a model instead of an idol.

Nevertheless, Makoto never submits to Izumi. After Izumi’s leaving, using the wiretap back on him, Makoto succeeds to make Izumi to unlock the door.

Makoto experienced failure as a model, which made him to have no confidence in himself and timid among Trickstar members. His passion to Trickstar made him to do such a drastic action saying “I am not a doll that can’t do anything by myself!” You can see the natural strength of his spirit.

In contrast, Izumi is seriously worried about Makoto even though he was deceived, which lets you know that he never hates or looks down Makoto: he cherishes Makoto sincerely. What Izumi does to Makoto seems crooked, but he should have a reason to detain Makoto taking that much trouble.

Knights vs. Trickstar

Confronting Knights and knowing that they confined Makoto, Mao raises the sympathy from the audience making use of the episode. Mao seemed as a caring but indecisive character wearing two hats as a member of the school committee and Trickstar and cannot focus on one side.

It is impressive that Mao executes a daring act and says “Trickstar is matchless when we get together! We can change Yumenosaki Private Academy!” This is Mao’s real face. The elation of three members is irresistible!

On one hand, Mao’s accusation makes Knights panicked. Arashi Narukami (Ryo Kitamura) tries to fend it off calmly. Tsukasa Suou (Reio Tsuchida) takes Mao’s words more seriously than the audience does and starts to denounce Izumi. Ritsu Sakuma (Daiki Yamashita) is not motivated saying “I feel sick, wanna take shelter in the shade”: he seems not torelant for sunlight same as his brother Rei.

Knight didn’t seem disciplined at all in the previous episode, Mao’s words made them more unorganized. We can’t see their live show this time unfortunately, but are looking forward to witnessing “Knights’ talent” that should be depicted in next episodes.
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