Anime Ensemble Stars! Ep. 9 - “Soooo Cute!” Lots Of Rabi-Oji Are Full Of Emotion On Social Media

The Ending Theme Is 2wink’s Mischievous Party Time!!

This week’s ending theme is Mischievous Party Time!! by 2wink. Up-tempo and comical sound is suitable for 2wink’s mischievous smile!

Even though they have not been specially focused on yet, 2wink has absolutely helped Trickstar to go advance. It is a perfect timing that their song is picked up for the ending theme.

The Title of Ep. 10 is “Element - Prequel”

Hokuto turns his back on three members on the stage and leaves the seat. “Please, God or Devil, either is fine. Tell me how to remove the depression gnawing my heart.” He agonizes looking up at the night sky. Do you know who approaches to him?

“Hokuto-kyun! Did you call me?” Yes, Wataru Hibiki, he’s always ours! He struts into the painful scenes anytime, which makes us feel relieved.

However, contrary to expectations that the story develops straightly, the title of the next episode is “Element - Prequel.” It seems to focus on the story one year ago.

It shocked the original app’s fans same as “Marionette” did: you could see fans shocked posting such as “Oh my god, Element?” “WTF” “Don’t bomb on each multiple of five.”

What kind of story can we see next?
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