Anime Ensemble Stars! Ep. 6 - Shocked by the Harshest Story: Only “Princess Holding” Cheers You Up

Being desperate to win at Dre-Fes, Shu forced two members to take strict lessons. Nazuna felt strange that Shu seemed to lose himself: on the other hand, Mika Kagehira (Jun Osuka) devoted himself to the practice by himself in the park at night.

On the day of the event, Valkyrie saw the audience that had lost interest in them: on the contrary, they regarded Valkyrie as an enemy. Nazuna cowered that the audience got sick of Valkyrie’s performance. Additionally, all acoustic systems suddenly stopped in the middle of the song.

Shu was stunned and just stood there. Although their perfect performance got messed up, Nazuna still couldn’t utter his voice due to fear that he might make “Oshi-san” angry. When the venue began to buzz, Mika started singing. Inspired by Mika’s courage, Nazuna also started singing, which made Shu to follow them: They completed their performance in a cappella.

When three members walked off stage, they saw Eichi Tenshoin (Hikaru Midorikawa), the leader of fine in the wing.

“I appreciate you dancing as I expected.”

Highlights of Ep. 6

Kuro Carried Shu Like a Princess! The Friendship between Old Friends is Painful

When Shu was bullied in childhood, an old friend protected him - half awake and half asleep, Shu opened his eyes and noticed that Kuro was carrying him like a princess. (Even Anzu was carried on a stretcher!)

Valkyrie fell from the top of the school. Kuro anxiously looked upon Shu that brooded over. While Shu said “Who made this school like this?” with resentment, Kuro confessed that he’d been already involved in the phenomenon: it means that Kuro had joined Akatsuki at this time.

Apologized by Kuro that broke his vow to protect Shu, Shu calmly answered “You already helped me as you talked to me when I froze.” However, this conversation sparked off Valkyrie’s participation in Dre-Fes, which collapsed this group.

They had a good friendship trusting each other calling as “Ryu-kun” “Icchan”: at the same time, Kuro protected Shu. It is so painful that their relationship was destroyed by the change of the school.
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