Anime Ensemble Stars! Ep. 6 - Shocked by the Harshest Story: Only “Princess Holding” Cheers You Up

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Hokuto was a Ham Actor

On the stage where Tomoya’s “Goddess” was performing, Hokuto Hidaka (Tomoaki Maeno) played a prince. You know it made a buzz on social media because he was a terrible actor!

Not only he read lines in a monotonous voice, but also he vocalized “Hmm…” when he kissed the princess to wake her up, which cracked me up saying that “Wait, wait. No one does that for kissing!”

From Ep. 1 to Ep. 4, you saw that Subaru and 2wink members always pointed out that Hokuto is too serious and looks stiff: however, seeing this episode, you can figure out that he has gotten softer than the past.

Who was Watching Over Valkyrie’s Stage?

Kuro was watching over three members of Valkyrie singing and dancing on the stage with few penlights and no cheering. You can also recognize Natsume Sakasaki, who appeared with Wataru at the beginning of Ep. 2 and Mika’s friend Arashi Narukami in the audience.

Moreover, Keito Hasumi (Yuichiro Umehara), who looked down on Mika in Ep. 5, said that “I’m ashamed of my ignorance” when he listened to Mika’s singing voice.

The fact and reason that each character watched the stage from each position would lead next stories.

“I Believed that It is True Love that I Should Make You Not to Fail”

Nazuna and Mika had been told that “Don’t move by yourself, because you’re marionnettes. You should just obey me”: Nazuna realized when Mika started singing, nevertheless, that he had wanted to sing songs by himself.

It made Shu finally realize that “I totally believed that true love is that I should make them not to fail - but it was wrong.” He understood that he himself was “The fool who should be eliminated” since he sticked to his aesthetics disregarding thoughts and talents of two members.

At this moment, Shu might be able to accept the fact that they fail at Dre-Fes and Valkyrie goes declining. Another way of looking at it, the first experience to sing a song together could be the starting point for three members to set off as new Valkyrie.

In spite of that, what Eichi said at last trampled their possibility completely. The bracelet that Mika gave Nazuna was crushed underfoot, which shows the mind of Valkyrie especially Shu.

Shu fell not because he made a failure on the stage: his precious group Valkyrie was used, abused and destroyed by Eichi as a warning in front of the audience. Also, he couldn’t see through Eichi’s thought and played into his hand - it is not hard to imagine that this fact was unbearable suffering and humiliation for Shu.

The Reason Why Nazuna Belongs to the Broadcasting Comittee

Valkyrie got beyond hope of recovery since Shu shut himself in his room. When Nazuna turned into a third year, he belonged to the broadcasting committee because he couldn’t join any other bands. Also, he wanted to prevent acoustic accidents like what Valkyrie suffered on the previous stage from happening in advance.

Wataru doubted that it was a real accident. You figure out that Nazuna controlled all media stuff as a broadcasting member for Trickstar’s S1 stage in order to protect Trickstar from the power that uses any means necessary to win.

Wataru Hibiki and Ra*bits

At the end of Ep. 6, “Tomoya’s goddess” Wataru showed eccentric behaviors like arriving at the school entrance by airship. When he was laughing loudly and chasing Tomoya who screamed “I was fooled!” “He’s eccentric!”, he met Nazuna by chance.

Wataru called Nazuna as “Bunny” and told that Nazuna is important for Shu to get over. “Smile, if you are not a marionnette. Shu said that he loved your smile, the most lovely in the world.”

Nazuna was confused because Wataru called Eichi by first name friendly while he regarded Shu as a friend. Wataru entrusted Nazuna with Tomoya and said “Please train these boys.” Through his saying and doing, you feel that he is a “trickstar” of this story: his word moved Nazuna’s mind and motivated him to go forward.

“To protect these boys’ smile, I should make efforts never to let such a thing happen again.”

This encounter with Tomoya and Hajime led to form Ra*bits.
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