Top 5 Best Anime Characters Featuring Junichi Suwabe’s Sexy Voice

“Cuticle Detective Inaba” is a comedy anime, based on the original manga work by Mochi.
It was broadcasted from January 2013, and the original has ended.
Junichi Suwabe voiced the main character Hiroshi Inaba.

If you know this anime’s story, you would know that it’s strange.
Hiroshi is just an unreliable man who has an extreme hair fetish, and what’s worst is that, he is not a human but a werewolf.
We rarely listen to his sexy voice, even though he is the main character!!
You may think “it defeats the purpose of appointing Suwabe as his voice actor!!” and that means you have already fallen into this anime’s snare.

The fact that Suwabe has played so many cool or sexy characters makes us think he has never played other kind of characters. It’s valuable in a way because we get a chance to discover his new talent that we may not have known.

Even if you are still thinking “it defeats the purpose of appointing Suwabe”, I hope you to watch this anime anyway.
You won’t be able to resist being charmed by this new side of Suwabe!
“Cuticle Detective Inaba”

Main Cast:
Jun'ichi Suwabe, Tōru Ōkawa, Miyu Irino, Toshiyuki Morikawa, Kohsuke Toriumi, etc.

Broadcasted by TOKYO MX, etc.
Written by Mochi(Monthly G Fantasy)
Official website:


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