Ikemen Actor Training Game “A3!” Releases Internationally!

The “A3!” official English twitter held a number of campaigns before the games release, ranging from a preliminary character popularity poll where users get an SR card of the top character, to a follow campaign where all users could win in-game items such as Gems and training items.

About “A3!”

First released for iOS and Android on January 27, 2017, "A3!" has since surpassed 6.5 million downloads. An anime adaptation has also been announced and will be broadcast in January 2020. In "A3!", players take on the role of a theater company director who has to assemble a cast of 20 attractive actors to save a theater on the verge of shutting down. All of the main story dialogue is fully voiced with an amazing voice actor cast. The actors are divided into four troupes: Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter, and the goal of the player is to train these budding actors to make them "bloom" on stage.
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