A3’s Event ‘High Spirits at the Hot Spring!’ opening on 3/1 (PT) with 3-part Tryouts!

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A3’s Event ‘High Spirits at the Hot Spring!’ opening on 3/1 (PT) with 3-part Tryouts!
On March 1 (Pacific Time), A3! English will start its next Season Event, High Spirits at the Hot Spring!

High Spirits at the Hot Spring!

The Event Story follows Autumn and Winter Troupe’s training camp at a hot spring hotel, a popular destination for overnight school trips. When they arrive at their destination, the younger members are shocked to hear that older members Sakyo and Azuma have never been on a proper school trip before. Their new goal: to give Azuma and Sakyo the ‘classic’ field trip experience with pillow fights, a ping pong tournament and more! This Event also offers a rare chance to see your favorite Autumn and Winter Troupe members engaging in some shirtless hot spring activities!

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”Let’s make this a trip to remember.”

High Spirits at the Hot Spring! will be a Season Event, where players do Event Practice to trigger Event Shows – succeeding at Event Shows nets players item drops as well as Event Items (players will be gathering ‘Buns’ for this Event), which determine Event Ranks. Players who meet Event Item goals or reach high Event Ranks are eligible for special prizes including consumable in-game items as well as SR and SSR Actor cards!
The following cards are given to players for Ranking in or for reaching Event Item goals (details are available in-game in the Event Prize list on the Event Page):
SSR [Old Ryokan Initiation] Banri
SR [Grown-Up Field Trip] Tasuku

In addition, the accompanying Say I Do! Limited Time Tryouts will have a total of 3 Tryouts, all with wedding-themed Actors! Unlike other Limited Time Tryouts, each set offers 1 Limited Time SR and 2 Limited Time SSRs that offer bonuses during the Event! The info is specified below:

First Set: Say I Do! (Pearl White): 2/26 (Wed) after maintenance ends – 3/2 (Mon) 6:59 PM Pacific Time
SSR [Down on One Knee] Masumi
SSR [A Trial Wedding With You] Kazunari
SR [Don’t Jinx It] Itaru

Second Set: Say I Do! (Pale Blue): 3/2 (Mon) 7:00 PM – 3/7 (Sat) 6:59 PM Pacific Time
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