A3’s Event ‘High Spirits at the Hot Spring!’ opening on 3/1 (PT) with 3-part Tryouts!

The following cards are given to players for Ranking in or for reaching Event Item goals (details are available in-game in the Event Prize list on the Event Page):
SSR [Old Ryokan Initiation] Banri
SR [Grown-Up Field Trip] Tasuku

In addition, the accompanying Say I Do! Limited Time Tryouts will have a total of 3 Tryouts, all with wedding-themed Actors! Unlike other Limited Time Tryouts, each set offers 1 Limited Time SR and 2 Limited Time SSRs that offer bonuses during the Event! The info is specified below:

First Set: Say I Do! (Pearl White): 2/26 (Wed) after maintenance ends – 3/2 (Mon) 6:59 PM Pacific Time
SSR [Down on One Knee] Masumi
SSR [A Trial Wedding With You] Kazunari
SR [Don’t Jinx It] Itaru

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