Ep2. Hypnosis Mic: Division Rap Battle: Interview for four voice actors!

Komada: Now, let us touch on (Kento) Ito-kun.

Ishiya: He is gentle-mannered, but sometimes acrimonious.

Kijima: He just conceals his passion although he looks like a Labrador Retriever.

All: Labrador Retriever! *Laugh*

Kijima: In fact, his real face is a wolf. Such his ferocity is perfectly suited for the character of Doppo (Kannonzaka). He has a high affinity with Doppo. His live performance stimulates me to feel “I feel sorry for Hifumi unless I do same as he does for Doppo.”

Ishiya: His way of getting into character is amazing. My favorite song was Doppo’s “Tigridia,” but I’ve come to love it even more since I saw his performance at the live show.
Not only Ito-san but also all member look as if the real characters sing songs. I admire all of you. You guys inspire me to keep making efforts.

Kijima: An impression of shouting can change at all depending on how you shout. I know that it is very difficult that we shout at live shows in the same way as recording. It is awesome that he can get it right on the first try.

Talking Heart To Heart! Respect The Attitude As Voice Actors

I’d like you to talk about today’s members each other. It might be embarrassing to speak face to face though.

Nozuyama: Well, let’s begin with Haru-san (Ishiya).

Komada: Do we torture Haru-chan?

Ishiya: Do you torture Haru-chan?

Kijima: Oh my god, he’s so cute!

Nozuyama: You fall for people easily. You say “cute” to anyone!

Kijima: I think you had better not to do that.

Nozuyama: Haru-san is my favorite!

All: *Laugh*

Ep2. Hypnosis Mic: Division Rap Battle: numan Interview 2

▲石谷 春貴(Ishiya Haruki)

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